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Egypt evacuates 436 citizens from Sudan

The Egyptian Foreign Ministry on Sunday announced it has successfully evacuated 436 Egyptian citizens from Sudan through land routes, in coordination with Sudanese authorities.

A statement by the Foreign Ministry said that the Egyptian embassy in Khartoum, the consulates in Khartoum and Port Sudan, and the consular office in Wadi Halfa are continuing to coordinate with Egyptian citizens in Sudan to secure their evacuation.

The spokesperson for the Egyptian Foreign Ministry, Ahmed Abu-Zeid noted earlier that the Egyptian community in Sudan exceeds 10,000, but didn’t give a specific figure.

The Ministry allocated hotlines to receive Egyptian calls regarding the situation of the Egyptian community in Sudan and evacuations, to communicate with citizens in Sudan and their families to reassure them about their families.

The Ministry said that citizens from Egypt and abroad can contact the Consular Sector Operations Room at the Foreign Ministry at the following numbers:


  • 01281943533
  • 01283176900
  • 01281943599
  • 01283176866
  • 01283176913
  • 01283176857
  • 01283176881
  • 01283176903
  • 01283176894
  • 01281943990


The airport in Sudan and its borders are currently closed due to military clashes making it difficult for Egyptians stranded in Sudan to return home, Egyptian Minister of Immigration Suha Gendy, said.

She added that Egypt is now attempting to determine the whereabouts of all Egyptians in Sudan.

Sudan has 5,000 Egyptian students, she said, pointing out that most of them are enrolled in university education.

There is round-the-clock communication with the Egyptian community though multiple means, including the platform created for students by the Immigration Ministry and social media.

Gendy explained that a meeting was held via the Zoom application with more than 100 students in Sudan, to learn about their exact locations, addresses and phones.

No reports have been received confirming the injury of any Egyptian in Sudan so far, Gendy said earlier on Tuesday.


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