Egypt mulls canceling navigational route with Turkey for anti-June 30 stance

Egyptian government mulls canceling maritime trade agreement with Turkey, that was signed by the Muslim Brotherhood cabinet in April to resolve crisis of the suspended Turkish trade following the Syrian crisis, sources said adding that Egypt has not benefited from it.
Major General Abdel Qader Gaballah, head of the maritime transportation sector, said Egyptian governments is canceling the agreement following Ankara’s stance opposing 30 June revolution.
Gaballah and Major General Ahmed Naguib Sharaf, head of Port Said harbors authority, both said Turkey has been the main benefactor for the trade, while Egypt has received virtually nothing.
During a conference by Transportation Ministry on Monday, Gaballah said Turkey has resorted to Egypt after the Syrian crisis in order to serve its trade with Arab countries.
Major General Ibrahim Youssef, the maritime adviser to the ministry, stressed that the route should serve Egyptian exports to Europe either through Turkey or Greece.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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