Egypt repeatedly warned against expansion of conflict in ME region

Head of the mission of the International Council for Human Rights at the United Nations in Geneva Haitham Abu Said said that the recent escalation between Iran and Israel represents a significant threat to international peace and security, therefore, serious efforts must be made to avoid the widening of the conflict.
In statements to MENA, Abu Said emphasized that Egypt has repeatedly warned against the expansion of the conflict because it is aware of the nature and danger of this conflict, stemming from the roots and traditions of both Arab and Islamic concepts.
Abu Said added that Egypt could play an important role in preventing the escalation of the conflict in cooperation with the Arab League and the Gulf Cooperation Council, by proposing acceptable solutions to spare the entire region from a disaster that would have negative consequences for everyone without exception.
He pointed out that Egypt plays a fundamental role in addressing the crises affecting Palestine, which most Arab countries are affected by due to both geography and history. He explained that there is always ongoing communication between the Egyptian leadership and all social and political strata in Palestine, as Egypt is considered the nurturing mother of the Palestinian cause.
Abu Said continued, “Egypt has played a significant role since the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip on October 7, based on the data and experiences gained from the conflicts it has waged against Israel, giving it a broad perspective on anticipating humanitarian, economic, and political outcomes. Therefore, it has developed an approach to manage this conflict and minimize losses as much as possible, but the Israeli side’s stubbornness has brought the situation to this point, he added.
He noted that despite this, Egypt has managed to thwart many of Israel’s plans intended to force the Palestinian people out of their land. Egypt has strongly and calmly confronted this issue at the same time, which has also been positively recognized internationally. This led to high appreciation from the Secretary-General of the United Nations, António Guterres, and the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, who visited the Rafah border crossing and expressed their appreciation and support for Egypt and its authorities, the official added.

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