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Egypt reveals latest conditions for expatriates to settle conscription status

The Ministry of Emigration and Egyptian Expatriates Affairs revealed the latest conditions for applying to the initiative to settle the conscription status of expatriate men abroad.

This comes in response to requests made by Egyptians abroad so that they can easily renew their passports abroad, with settling the conscription status being one of the most important items.

The initiative to settle the conscription situation for Egyptians abroad was relaunched on Wednesday, May 1, and applications for it will continue for two months.



  1. Requests for final settlement of conscription status for Egyptians abroad are received at the initiative of the Egyptian state.
  2. All requests for the are received on the website for Egyptians abroad who have reached the age of conscription, starting from the age of (18 years) from the date of registration on the website until the age of (30 years), as well as for those over the age of (30 years) to settle their status according to the situation.
  3. There must be a certificate approved by the embassy/consulate confirming expatriate status and a receipt for payment in the bank accounts designated for application within the initiative.


To register in the initiative, enter the required data on the website, which lists the specifications and conditions for the initiative.

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