Egypt seeks to become regional digital hub for data transmission between Asia, Africa and Europe: Sisi

President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi delivered a speech on Saturday during the Belt and Road forum in the presence of the Chinese president and a number of heads of states and governments, stating that Egypt seeks to become a regional digital hub for data transmission between Asia, Europe and Africa, as it is one of countries with the highest number of maritime cables globally.

Egypt seeks to attract more direct investments in this field, with the aim of maximizing economic exploitation and generating job opportunities offered by the digital economy, as bridging the digital divide between developed and developing countries, he said.

Sisi stressed the urgent need to provide financing for infrastructure projects in Africa through effective partnerships, giving the example of the Cairo / Cape Town Corridor, the Lake Victoria-Mediterranean Linkage Project and other African infrastructure projects, which Sisi said are a priority for Africa and are promising opportunities for cooperation.

The President added that Egypt has developed an ambitious strategy to become a regional energy hub by taking advantage of its geographical location, as well as increasing discoveries in the fields of oil and gas and exploiting the available infrastructure of the gas pipeline network and liquefaction stations.

Egypt seeks to implement renewable energy projects, regional cooperation projects for electricity linkage and the transfer and liquefaction of gas, he said. Egypt’s initiative to launch a Gas Forum in the Eastern Mediterranean comes due to promising opportunities in this vital sector for the global economy growth.

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