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Egypt slams CNN report claiming Gaza ceasefire manipulation

The head of the Egyptian General Intelligence Service Diaa Rashwan has slammed a recent report by the CNN citing an anonymous source which claims that Egypt modified the terms of the Gaza ceasefire agreement with Hamas.

He assured that the Egyptian state is an impartial mediator that adheres to all international humanitarian laws.

Rashwan described the CNN’s allegations as devoid of any facts, and not based on any credible journalistic sources according to internationally recognized journalistic professional standards.

“We have sent an official letter to CNN clarifying Egypt’s rejection of the article’s allegations and demanding an immediate Egyptian response,” the Egyptian General Intelligence Service head explained in statements to Cairo News Channel.

“We challenge them to attribute the allegations they have published to specific official American or Israeli sources.”

He added, “We urge all international media outlets to verify the accuracy of what they publish on such sensitive issues, and such false allegations may aim to distort Egypt’s pivotal and prominent role in the ceasefire negotiations in the Gaza Strip, and Egypt will never allow the liquidation of the Palestinian cause.”

“The current Israeli elite is incapable of making decisions and is alienating everyone and needs to be changed. Egypt joining South Africa in its lawsuit before the ‘International Court of Justice’ will have significant implications.”


‘An attempt to punish Egypt’

Rashwan explained that Egypt stipulates the presence of a Palestinian party to receive aid on the Palestinian side of the Rafah crossing, and will not deal with Israel at the Rafah crossing as it is an occupying power and “reality contradicts Israel’s claims.”

He indicated that Egypt denies CNN’s allegations and warns of its complete withdrawal from mediation efforts, stressing that accusing mediators is aimed to avoid making decisive decisions regarding the ceasefire agreement.

The lies being spread are nothing but an attempt to punish Egypt for its firm positions towards the legitimate rights of the Palestinians, he warned.

A high-level Egyptian source expressed his country’s shock at certain media outlets relying on anonymous sources and challenged them to attribute this information to specific US or Israeli sources.

The Egyptian source added that some parties are playing a game of mutual accusations, accusing mediators of bias and blaming them for not making the required decisions.

The high-level source stressed that Egypt’s role in mediating the ceasefire and hostage release deal in the Gaza Strip comes in light of Egypt’s experience and ability to manage difficult negotiations, and after continuous requests for it to take on this role.

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