Egypt Telecom staff hold CEO hostage

Sources at Egypt Telecom have said that company employees on Wednesday held CEO Mohamed Abdel Rehim hostage in his office and insisted he resign for failing to meet employees' demands. They later handed him over to the military police.

The company has been witnessing strikes and protests for several months, as the staff accuses the management of squandering public funds and refusing to raise salaries.

“The CEO gets LE6 million a month and refuses to raise our salaries,” said Ahmed Ali, a protester.

Another protester, Alaa Hanafy, claimed that 16 top executives in the company take the whole budget for themselves in the form of salaries and bonuses.

“Services of executives who reached pension age should not be extended,” said Khaled Abdel Rehim, a company employee. “And we should get rid of the company advisers who are paid enormous fees.”

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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