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Egypt, UAE, and Jordan airdrop thousands of tons of aid to Gaza

The military spokesperson for the Egyptian Armed Forces, Gharib Abdel-Hafez, announced Saturday that Egypt, Jordan and UAE have airdropped thousands of tons of humanitarian aid over the Gaza Strip.

This comes under Egypt’s continuous efforts in cooperation with international parties to facilitate aid to Gaza and defuse the current crisis in order to eventually reach a comprehensive ceasefire, Abdel-Hafez explained.

He added that the Egyptian Air Force intensified its daily tasks in cooperation with its counterparts from the UAE to dispatch tons of food aid and urgent relief supplies over northern Gaza Strip.

Abdel-Hafez said that this is in line with Egypt’s efforts to inform the international community of its responsibilities towards providing relief aid to Gaza Strip and work towards stopping the war.

The Egyptian government announced that 80 percent of the total humanitarian aid to Gaza was provided by Egypt.

The Egyptian Minister of Supply and Internal Trade, Ali al-Moselhi, Chairman of the General Committee for Foreign Aid, issued orders to provide all types of support and assistance to Palestine and coordinate with concerned parties to provide medical materials such as tents, subsistence materials public, tarpaulins and personal hygiene tools.

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