Egypt warns of security, humanitarian repercussions of ground operations in Gaza

Egypt has raised alarm over the gravity as well as the unprecedented humanitarian and security repercussions of the expanded ground operations in the Gaza Strip.

Egypt, in a statement issued by the Foreign Ministry on Saturday, blamed the Israeli government for violating the resolution of the UN General Assembly which was issued on Friday night and urged an immediate ceasefire alongside declaring a humanitarian truce to save lives of civilians and allow urgent and maintained entry of humanitarian aid to the Gaza strip.

Egypt has expressed deep concern regarding the probable dangerous repercussions of the ground operations which are expected to lead to the increase in the number of victims and those injured among women, children and civilians, in a fresh blatant violation of the international law and the humanitarian international law.

Meanwhile, Egypt reiterated request for the Israeli side to facilitate the procedures of ensuring a secured and sustained delivery of humanitarian and relief aid to the Gaza Strip, warning that any delay in the aid delivery would lead to a humanitarian crisis and destabilize the region.

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