Egyptian company launches electronic commerce platform for Egyptian products

The Safina Egypt company on Monday launched an electronic commerce platform for Egyptian products, exporting them to the international market, and meeting the demands of foreign clients within the local market rather than importing products of lesser quality.

The company‘s chairman Islam al-Bana said that the platform is an electronic commercial mall for Egyptian products, and contains a section for Egyptian factories allowing Egyptian traders, dealers and importers to search for all products from each factory. The platform contains information on every factory, including its size, history, certificates and photos, as well as information on the factory’s products including a brief on the product, its price and specifications.

Bana said that traders and importers will also be able to hold a commercial chat with sales representatives of each factory.

Safina takes subscription fees from a factory and does not take commissions on any sales transactions, he stressed.

He added that Safina has prepared a marketing plan to spread the platform and its products in Egypt and worldwide.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm 

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