Egyptians protest in solidarity with Tahrir protesters

The governorates on Friday witnessed limited protests in solidarity with the concurrent "Go Back to Your Barracks" protest in Cairo’s Tahrir Square.

In Alexandria, about 400 activists along with Ahly and Zamalek football clubs staged a protest outside Ibrahim mosque followed by a march headed to the area’s military headquarters in Sidi Gaber neighborhood.
The April 6 Youth Movement was not present at the protest.

Sheikh Ahmed al-Mahalawy, imam of Ibrahim mosque, said during a Friday prayer sermon that Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi must accede to the people’s demands, abolish Emergency Law, cancel military trials for civilians, and activate the Treachery Law against former NDP members.

In the city of Kafr al-Sheikh, located in the in Nile Delta, dozens of Wasat Party members were transported in buses to Tahrir Square while others protested outside two major mosques.

In the city of Mansoura, also located in the Nile Delta, dozens of Nasserist Party and Ghad Party members staged protests outside Daqahliya Governorate headquarters.

The April 6 Youth Movement, Muslim Brotherhood, the Salafi Front and the Salafi-led Nour Party were absent.

In Beheira Governorate, dozens of Ghad Party and April 6 Youth Movement members staged a silent protest in Sa'a Square in the city of Damanhour.

In Suez, about 200 members of Suez Youth Bloc and other political movements staged a march from Arbaeen Square to local government headquarters.

In Qena, Upper Egypt, political forces issued a statement denouncing a conference held by former NDP members who now form Freedom Party.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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