Egypt’s House of Representatives approves draft law cancelling conditional half-term release

The House of Representatives’ Legislative and Constitutional Affairs Committee on Sunday approved the government’s draft law to cancel the conditional half-term release in mass gatherings, drugs, money laundering and terrorism cases.

The Representative of Ministry of Interior, Abdel Fattah Serag, approved the draft law during the committee’s meeting.

Serag said that the draft law prevents prisoners who are convicted for gatherings, drugs, money laundering and terrorism from half-term release as they have committed dangerous crimes harming the state and its people.

The Chairman of Human Rights Committee Alaa Abed agreed with Serag, saying, “There is a line between the restriction of a person’s freedom because they committed a crime against another person, and committing a crime against the homeland and people. I approve the draft law for preserving the Egyptian identity and the Egyptian people.”

The current law stipulates, “It is permissible to give a conditional release for every person who was convicted of a custodial penalty, if the convicted persons serve half their sentence and their behavior in prison ensure they can correct themselves, unless the release is a threat to the public security.”

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm



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