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Egypt’s ‘The Brink Of Dreams’ wins Cannes’ L’Oeil d’Or award

Citizens in Minya Governorate celebrated the women of Deir al-Barsha village after the stars of the “The Brink Of Dreams” (2024) won the “L’Oeil d’Or” (The Golden Eye) Award for ‘Best Documentary Film’ at the 77th Cannes International Film Festival.

The villagers of Deir al-Barsha at Mallawy Center, south of Minya governorate held a special celebration for the girls of the Panorama Barsha Troupe.

Many citizens from Mallawy and Deir al-Barsha proudly changed their profile images online to that of the film’s posters.

The Brink Of Dreams is the first Egyptian documentary film to participate in this competition since its founding, in addition to being the only documentary work to participate in the Critics Week Competition.

The film stars the Panorama Barsha Troupe, and is directed by Nada Riad and Ayman al-Amir.

The events of the documentary follow a group of girls who decide to establish a theater group and present their plays, inspired by popular Upper Egyptian folklore, in the streets of their small village in Mallawy center.

This theatrical troupe sheds light on the issues that worry the team members, such as early marriage, domestic violence, and girls’ education, while they have dreams that go beyond the sky.

The village of Deir al-Barsha hosted the film’s team for many years.

The founder of the Panorama Barsha Troupe, Yustina Samir, said” God’s compensation to us is indeed very great. I remember that the first show of the Panorama Barsha team in the street was entitled “Village Court” and it was in the year 2014. I remember that day the amount of insults that we received, and today in 2024 Panorama Barsha is at the Cannes Festival in France, and everyone is proud of us after much effort and suffering because we believed in our dream.”

The Deir al-Barsha villagers and the same crew had previously celebrated the victory of the film “Feathers”, which won the grand prize in the Critics’ Week competition at the Cannes Film Festival in 2021.

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