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Video: Egyptian pilot dies on flight from Cairo to Taif

Videos reporting on the death of an Egyptian pilot during a flight from Cairo to Taif, Saudi Arabia has gone viral across social media.

Social media users reported the death of the Egyptian pilot, Captain Hassan Youssef Adas, as a result of a sudden health problem, which necessitated an emergency landing at Jeddah Airport.

The news of the sudden death was announced by the co-pilot over the loudspeaker on the plane, and the plane made an urgent landing in another city.

The co-pilot said: “We apologize to you for changing the flight route to King Abdulaziz Airport in Jeddah, due to the death of my brother and friend, the plane’s pilot, Captain Hassan.”

Reports indicated that the late pilot had worked for the Sky Vision Airline. The incident occurred while he was operating Nesma Airlines flight No. NE130.

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