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Egypt’s temperature to increase by 3C to 4C from Wednesday till Monday

Chairman of the Egyptian Meteorological Authority Ahmed Abdel Aal said that hot weather is expected for Egypt’s northern areas, Cairo, Sinai and north of Upper Egypt due to temperature increases by 3C to 4C on Wednesday until Monday.

Hot weather is expected south of the country in the morning, growing colder at night.

Maximum temperatures are expected to be 26C to 33C at the northern coast and north Sinai, 30C to 34C in Lower Egypt and Cairo, 33C to 35C north of Upper Egypt, 38C to 39C in south of Upper Egypt and 30C to 35C at South Sinai.

Abdel Aal said that winds would be northeasterly and moderate north of the country, Cairo and north of Upper Egypt, disturbing maritime navigation in the Gulf of Suez and Red Sea.

People are free to picnic and enjoy the summer weather on the beaches and the Nile River, Abdel Aal suggested.

He advised people to be cautious while driving during the early hours due to heavy mist in the northern coast’s roads, Suez Canal cities and governorates of Lower Egypt, and to drink large quantities of water.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm