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Egypt’s Zohr gas field produces over 2 billion cubic feet of gas daily: Official

The spokesperson for the Egyptian Petroleum Ministry, Hamdy Abdel-Aziz, announced on Sunday that the Zohr gas field produces over two billion cubic meters of gas per day, and is one of the most important gas fields in Egypt.

During a telephone interview with TV host Lamis al-Hadidi on the“Last Word” (Kalema Akhera) TV show, Abdel-Aziz said that the Zohr field is one of the largest discoveries made in 2015, and production began at the end of 2017.

Its peak production reaches 2.7 billion cubic feet per day, he noted.

However, he stated that the Zohr field faces the same issue that other fields and wells producing gas and oil do regarding the natural decline of wells from reservoirs, with the decline rate reaching an average of 15 percent annually.

Abdel-Aziz said that overcoming this decline requires carrying out operations by digging development wells, and raising the efficiency of the existing network, treatment plants, and pressures.

The Zohr field – located about four km below the surface of the water – is exposed to intense pressure and heat, which requires continuing its development, raising the efficiency of the production station, and supporting the surface network responsible for controlling the wells, he explained.

In six and a half years the field has produced about five trillion cubic feet of gas and nine million barrels of condensate, he added, and its production now amounts to about two billion cubic feet.

The spokesperson also refuted claims of “unjust extraction” from the field, commenting: “The term is inaccurate, and Eni has announced the figures for the field transparently, and Egyptian geologists are reviewing development plans and reserve rates.”

Abdel-Aziz also confirmed that the ministry is working on drilling new development wells, up to 19 currently, with the aim of preserving the existing reserve and increasing production rates.

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