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Eighteen Egyptian government agencies to work from home on Sunday

Egyptian Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly has issued an order for government workers to start working from home each Sunday until the end of August – using an online system for employees in some government departments – with the aim of reducing electricity loads.

Sources confirmed that Madbouly’s decision will be applied to ministries and government agencies that are not linked to providing direct services to citizens and at the same time have a technological structure for online work so that employees can work remotely without attending at workplaces.

The sources revealed that the government agencies whose employees will work from home every Sunday are:

  • 1- Labor Directorates.
  • 2- Directorates of The Central Agency for Organization and Administration.
  • 3- Headquarters of the Ministry of Local Development.
  • 4- Headquarters of the Ministry of Planning and its affiliated bodies.
  • 5- Ministry of Administrative Development.
  • 6- Ministry of Labor.
  • 7- The Central Auditing Organization.
  • 8- The Central Agency for Organization and Administration.
  • 9- The Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics.
  • 10- Different sectors of the Petroleum Ministry.
  • 11- Headquarters of the Ministry of Agriculture.
  • 12- Headquarters of the Ministry of the Ministry of Communications.
  • 13- Ministry of Youth and Sports.
  • 14- Directorates of youth and sports in the governorates.
  • 15- Ministry of Investment.
  • 16- Ministry of Culture.
  • 17- Ministry of Industry and Foreign Trade.
  • 18- Ministry of Social Solidarity.

The implementation of the decision will start from Sunday, August 6, until the end of August as the month is expected to see a severe rise in temperatures.

Madbouly also appealed to the private sector, which operates in the office system and service work and does not need production, to allow employees to work from homes on Sunday of every week, using an online system to reduce the electricity load of those buildings.

The current heat wave in Egypt is the main reason behind power outages, Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly said in a press statement on Thursday.

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