Ethiopian president meets Egypt’s ‘popular diplomacy’ delegation

At his presidential palace in Addis Ababa, Ethiopian President Girma Wolde Giorgis received the Egyptian popular diplomacy delegation on Saturday. The delegation includes 48 public figures, who are representatives of political parties and revolutionary coalitions.

Senior Ethiopian officials, including Ethiopian Ambassador to Egypt Mahmoud Dirir and Ethiopian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Dina Mufti, attended the meeting.

Giorgis called for renewing relations between Egypt and Ethiopia "within partnership, friendship, and without aggression." He reassured that “the Ethiopians are peaceful people" and "love peace and respect Egyptians.”

The Egyptian delegation earlier participated in celebrations for Ethiopia's Millennium Dam. The dam raised concerns in Cairo over Nile water distribution, especially as Ethiopia insists on constructing it despite reservations from Egypt and Sudan.

Media reports last month said that Egypt had ordered its army to prepare for action following Ethiopia's decision to build a dam on the Blue Nile. Egypt's military denied the truth of the reports.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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