Ettehadiya IEDs connected to cell phone

A judicial source on Tuesday denied the arrest of two suspects in the bombing near the Ettehadiya presidential palace on Monday, which killed two officers and wounded 14 others.

Investigations revealed that the IEDs were placed in ghee packs and connected to a cell phone and a battery. 
Prosecutors requested security services to provide them with lab examination reports and surveillance camera recordings. 
Police officers Tarek Abdel Wahab and Ahmed Farouk were wounded in the legs from the blast, police corporates Ahmed Awadallah, Ashraf Sobhy, Gomaa Hussein, Ahmed Abdel Khaleq, Ibrahim Abdel Alim and Mohamed Abdel Raziq were also injured in the legs, and police officers Mohamed al-Guindi and Alaa Zahir received shrapnel in the stomach, all while trying to defuse the IEDs.
Street cleaners had found the IEDs tied to lampposts and reported it to the bomb squad.
A few cars that were parked in the area were smashed from the blast.
Prosecutors collected testimonies of seven of the injured but could not ask the rest due to their critical condition.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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