Ex-top prosecutor eager to get back on the job

Former Prosecutor General Abdel Meguid Mahmoud described a court ruling reinstating him as “historic” in an interview with State Television published Thursday on the broadcaster’s website.  

Mahmoud said he was waiting for details of the Cairo Court of Appeals decision and how the decision would be implemented.

The ruling issued earlier this week invalidates President Mohamed Morsy’s decision to dismiss Mahmoud and appoint Talaat Abdullah to the judicial post in November of last year.

Mahmoud said the ruling proves the judiciary is impartial and independent from political conflicts, calling the move a positive step toward curbing government interference.

"The Egyptian judiciary is independent and impartial and will remain so despite all pressures," he told State Television.

The ex-persecutor general said he believes the decision will stand, even though it can be challenged.

“I received a barrage of telephone calls from senior judges inside and outside Egypt congratulating me for my return to office,” Mahmoud said.

Abdullah was appointed following Morsy’s 22 November constitutional declaration.

Although public anger forced Morsy to backtrack on several parts of his declaration, he refused to reinstate Mahmoud, who served under Hosni Mubarak.

The declaration sparked a wave of protests and violent clashes across the country as well as in front of the Ettehadiya Presidential Palace in Cairo.


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