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FBI director visits Texas college for in-depth discussion about agency’s role in Ukraine

Holmes Lybrand

FBI Director Christopher Wray spoke at length about the war in Ukraine Wednesday night in front of an audience at Texas A&M University in College Station. He visited the school for an in-depth discussion on the FBI’s “involvement in current events and challenges that will face the nation,” according to A&M’s website.

“As I said, the war ain’t going so hot for the Russians. And so, there are a lot of Russians, including Russian intelligence service folks, who aren’t too happy,” Wray said.

Wray went on to say there are a lot of “unhappy Russians” in the intelligence service that the FBI would like to recruit, but “in a different way.”

“We want those unhappy Russians to know we’d love to talk to them,” Wray told the audience of university students. “And they can maybe, you know, have a role in changing the course of history.”

Wray also said while the US is watching and learning from the war, so is China.

He said a lesson China may be focused on is “the impact of sanctions on the Russian economy,” and accused China’s government of “starting to take steps to cushion their economy against potential sanctions.”

Wray said those actions could serve as a clue to potential future actions against Taiwan.

“If they were to choose, for example, to forcibly try to take over Taiwan, you can expect a whole lot of sanctions coming down,” Wray said. “So the fact that the Chinese are spending this much time cushioning their economy, at least in my world … we call that kind of behavior a clue.”

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