Finance Minister: Anadolu News Agency circulates rumors

Finance Minister Hani Qadri Demian denied on Sunday that he made a statement to the Anadolu News Agnecy related to the government's plans on economic development or any other statement.  
The minister added in an official statement that the Anadolu News Agency has recently attributed an unfounded statement to him that was quoted by another news agency. He did not disclose specific details about the statement Anadolu attributed to him.
"The Anadolu News Agency circulated false and incorrect statements about his person, about officials of the Egyptian Finance Ministry and the Egyptian government, a policy the agency follows to spread confusion among citizens," the statement read.
The statement called on the Egyptian media in particular, and foreign and Arab media in general, not to be misled by Anadolu's false news, which aims to undermine public interest and negatively affect development plans and economic reforms implemented by the Egyptian government.

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