Egypt Independent

FJP to NSF: Cabinet reshuffle could cause instability

Freedom and Justice Party President Saad al-Katatny told

National Salvation Front leaders Al-Sayed al-Badawy and Mohamed ElBaradei that changing the Cabinet could cause instability domestically and abroad, according to an FJP statement.

FJP has reservations about certain ministers, the statement said, but still believes a Cabinet reshuffle, which some activists and political groups have called for, would have adverse effects, particularly on the economy.

It said a diverse government enjoying Parliament’s confidence would be formed after the upcoming parliamentary elections.

At the meeting with the NSF leaders, Katatny stressed the party’s commitment to legislative and procedural measures of oversight to guarantee the integrity of the next parliamentary elections.

The statement said all parties agreed to continue dialogue and maintain open channels of communication to attain the best for the nation and the citizens.

The NSF, the largest opposition coalition, had boycotted President Mohamed Morsy’s dialogue with the opposition, contending that it lacked guarantees, mechanisms and deadlines.

Amr Moussa, an NSF leader and former Arab League chief who did not attend the meeting, had met with Katatny twice last week, according to his spokesperson, Ahmed Kamel.