FM says Egypt rejects foreign military intervention in Libya

Referring to Libya, Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Abul Gheit said on Sunday that Egypt rejects foreign military intervention in any Arab state.

In a press release, Abul Gheit said, “We call on Libyan authorities to themselves prevent violence and seek an immediate settlement with opposition powers who have proven capable and effective."

Asked if there are fears of foreign intervention in Libya, Abul Gheit said that he does not sense such an intention following a UN Security Council resolution imposing sanctions on Libya.

The UN resolution bans arms sales to Libya, imposes travel bans on officials, freezes leader Muammar Qadhafi's assets and refers his regime's crimes to the International Criminal Court.

Asked if Arab countries will take an official position regarding the crisis in Libya in order to prevent foreign intervention, Abul Gheit said that the Arab League has suspended Libya's participation in its activities.

Since 17 February, pro-Qadhafi forces been violently attempting to suppress nation-wide protests calling for democracy and Qadhafi's ouster.

News reports said that thousands of Libyans have been killed in the protests.

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