Following truckers’ strike, Finance Ministry reverses move to raise cargo taxes

The Egyptian Finance Ministry has reversed an earlier decision to raise taxes on cargo transport after truck drivers staged a nationwide strike on Friday.

The decision was formally reversed following a meeting between Tax Authority President Ahmed Refaat and Drivers Association President Mostafa Nowhy on Sunday.

On Monday, Prime Minister Ahmed Nazif denied that the Finance Ministry had intended to raise taxes on cargo transport. “Drivers did not have to stage these strikes since the whole thing was based on rumors,” he said.

Yet drivers have nevertheless maintained their strike for four consecutive days amid fears that clashes might erupt between strikers and security forces.

One truck–whose owner was not taking part in the action–was reportedly destroyed by strikers, who have also blocked roads to cement factories and quarries in the southern city of Beni Sueif.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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