French ambassador meets with Egypt’s Brotherhood Party

The French ambassador to Cairo, Jean Felix-Paganon, met on Thursday with Mohamed Morsy, leader of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party, who told him that the nature of the relationship with Israel would be determined by the next parliament if the Muslim Brotherhood came to power or shared it in any way.

He also emphasized his party’s keenness on all political forces, intellectuals and businessmen drafting a balanced constitution that reflects the aspirations of the people.

In a press statement after the meeting, Morsy said the party is not fielding candidates in the next presidential election. “It is not yet known who is the most suitable candidate as the polls are not accurate,” he said, adding that the party would consider the matter once the law regulating the elections has been issued.

Commenting on statements by Israeli officials that the Muslim Brotherhood would be a threat to Tel Aviv if it rose to power, Morsy said, “This shows the extent of their animosity,” adding that the Palestinians all desire to live in peace.

He also called on the international community and on France in particular to support the Palestinian, Arab and Islamic causes, and refrain from supporting Israel.

Morsy added that his party supports a parliamentary system, but would accept working under a presidential system for a transitional period in which the president assigns certain powers to the prime minister.

He stressed that no individual faction should lead the country at this stage, and that there should be a consensus and joint action among all national forces in order to establish democracy.

He also urged the French ambassador to support the democratic process in Egypt, claiming there were serious attempts by certain foreign elements who spend millions of dollars to tamper with the country’s future, as he put it.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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