Governor absolves Israel of shark attacks

South Sinai Governor Mohamed Abdel Fadil Shousha on Sunday dismissed suggestions of a connection between Israeli intelligence and the recent spate of shark attacks at the Red Sea resort of Sharm al-Sheikh.

Early this month, a Ukranian, a German and three Russian tourists were attacked, one fatally, by sharks off the resort’s beaches.

At a meeting with local officials, Shousha said consultations with senior experts revealed the attacks were caused by decayed sheep dumped in the water. Shousha also pointed to climate change as a cause.

Rumors surfaced in Egypt recently indicating an Israeli link to the incidents, which saw sharks appearing in the area close to the seashore for the first time.

Shousha announced that nylon barriers–the same type used at the Suez Canal–are now being installed in the Red Sea to keep sharks at bay, and electronic watch towers will also be erected.

Hotels and tourist authorities will tighten measures to supervise tourist conduct, he added.

The governor stressed that the attacks have had no impact on tourism, which he described as "surging," with increased reservations being made for New Year celebrations.

Shousha noted that the flow of Russian visitors has, however, dropped due to snow that forced several airports to halt flights.


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