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Govt rice mills cry out for help against imminent collapse

Stakeholders and workers unions at six government-owned rice milling companies have demanded an intervention by the Cabinet to save the companies from collapse in light of lengthy periods of inoperation.
During a meeting on Tuesday, the companies decried a government decision to halt the financing of their rice purchases, which obliged them to halt operation.
Ismail al-Sharqawy, who heads a union of workers at the government’s rice mills in Daqahlia, said company directors agreed to  “stage an open-ended strike inside their premises starting October 20” to pressure the government into resuming financial assistance.
Sharqawy pointed out that 48 factories and 25,000 workers are dependent on the stagnant rice mills.
“With time passing, the crisis is exacerbating and the private sector is buying the crop from farmers for a cheap price before exporting it for double the rate,” said Sharqawy.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm