Gunman killed by security guard in attempt to rob Suez bank

A security guard at a CIB Bank branch in Suez thwarted an armed robbery Friday, after a firefight with the gunmen.

A group of armed men began firing at the bank's security guards on Friday morning, according to a report by the state-run Middle East News Agency. One security guard fired back and killed one of the attackers, who was then carried away by the other gunmen, a police source told MENA.

Massive anti-government protests are being held in Suez Friday to protest the security authorities' failure to stop riots at a Wednesday Port Said football match that left 74 dead and hundreds more injured.

Earlier on Friday, two protesters were killed in clashes with security forces, according to the Health Ministry. The deaths occurred when police tried to break up a 3,000-strong demonstration in front of the city's police station with tear gas and live ammunition, according to witnesses.

Security around Egypt has deteriorated over the past week, with reports emerging of repeated armed robberies against banks and post offices. On Monday, assailants robbed an HSBC bank branch and armored car in Cairo.

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