Habbara handed down third capital punishment

The Zagazig Criminal Court has handed down a death sentence to Adel Habbara for murdering a detective in Sharqiya.
This is the third capital punishment sentence for Habbara after he was handed down the same punishment for the second Rafah massacre. In his first trial, he was found guilty of founding a takfiri group which communicated with the Islamic State and committed acts of violence against police and army personnel.
Justice Sami Abdel Rehim said the court issued the appropriate ruling with a clear conscience and based upon unequivocal evidence that warrants no mercy for a man who killed an innocent soul in cold blood.
The prosecution had argued that Habbara fired three shots from an automatic rifle in premeditation at Rabie Abdallah, the victim, and fled with his accomplices on a motorcycle.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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