Hamas denies interference in Egypt

Gaza premier Ismail Haniyeh denied Monday any interference by Hamas in Egyptian affairs, saying links to the Muslim Brotherhood do not equate to interference. 

Haniyeh added relations between Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood are purely ideological.

"We are proud to be an extension to this nation but this doesn't intend to move Palestine into another box, confuse papers, and alter priorities," the prime minister of the Gaza Strip said during a protest for Palestinian detainees outside the U.N. headquarters. "Our resistance is here in Palestine and our soldiers and existence are only here." 

"There is no role for Hamas in Egypt and yet Egyptian media is conducting an unjust campaign against Gaza."

"It's in our favour to have an Egypt that is strong, united, secure and stable in order to lead the Arab-Islamic decision," according to Haniyeh. "There is no political or security role for Hamas or any Palestinian in the Egyptian arena, whether in Sinai, Arish, Tahrir Square, Rabea al-Adaweya or any other place in Egypt."

"Hamas and the Cabinet in Gaza are following up the Palestinian cause and aim to liberate Palestinian lands, kick out the Israeli occupation, and set free Palestinian detainees in Israeli prison."

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