Happiness advocate Jenn Lim inspires positive change during her visit to Egypt

Renowned speaker and fervent advocate for the Science of Happiness, Jenn Lim, was on a brief trip to Egypt to strengthen her collaborations with organizations and businesses eager to harness her expertise. Additionally, she plans to reconnect with several companies in the Egyptian market with whom she has previously worked.

Jenn Lim’s approach to speaking is delightfully simple and refreshingly explicit, cutting through the fluff to address tough topics and focus on what truly matters. With a wealth of experience in people, culture, and organizational design, she holds the credibility to support her mission of fostering fulfilling lives through the work-life choices we make daily. Despite being recognized as a “global workplace expert and a Happiness pioneer”, Jenn remains down-to-earth, maintaining her authenticity and unique charm.

Excited about her visit to Egypt, Jenn Lim expressed her enthusiasm, stating, “I am thrilled to be in Egypt, where I had the opportunity to visit companies and places that embody the Science of Happiness – a cornerstone of my business.” She added, “Incorporating happiness into our daily practices and considering it a fundamental pillar of life will lead us to the happiness we all aspire to achieve.”

Jenn Lim wears many hats, both literally and figuratively. She is the esteemed author of “Beyond Happiness,” a best-selling book in the United States, and the Co-Founder of “Delivering Happiness.” Moreover, she has been recognized as one of the World’s Top 50 Keynote Speakers and led her company to Inc. magazine’s 5000 Fastest Growing List in the United States in 2020.

In 2020, Jenn’s simple yet profound belief resonated with people worldwide: that we can all be leaders, live authentically, and create workplaces rooted in happiness and humanity by embracing the Science of Happiness and nurturing sustainable happiness. As one of the world’s highest-rated speakers, she feels grateful for the opportunities to share her insights, which have been featured in esteemed publications like Inc., Forbes, Fast Company, Fortune, Entrepreneur, and Success Magazine. Her inspiring message has touched lives globally, guiding individuals to find meaning, resilience, and happiness, even in the face of adversity.

Renowned speaker and fervent advocate for the Science of Happiness, Jenn Lim, is on a brief trip to Egypt.
Renowned speaker and fervent advocate for the Science of Happiness, Jenn Lim, is on a brief trip to Egypt.

Furthermore, Jenn Lim was honored to be selected as a member of the Global Happiness Council of Work & Wellbeing. Over the years, she has collaborated with hundreds of companies, including Fortune 500s, and contributed her expertise in applying the Science of Happiness to multinational corporations like Starbucks, Google, AstraZeneca Egypt, and Sisban in Saudi Arabia. Moreover, she has actively engaged with government entities in the Middle East, advising the Emirati Minister of State for Happiness and sharing her Science of Happiness concept with various companies in Egypt, beginning with Mountain View. As one of the first Egyptian companies to benefit from Lim’s expertise, Mountain View successfully implemented her strategies to spread happiness among its employees, extending this vision to positively impact customers across all the company’s residential projects.

During her stay in Cairo, Jenn had a well-structured itinerary planned, encompassing numerous esteemed tourist attractions. A notable highlight was her visit to the iconic Giza pyramids, where she was accompanied by none other than Dr. Zahi Hawass.

Furthermore, Jenn’s schedule also included a visit to AstraZeneca’s Egypt headquarters. That visit was undoubtedly significant as it allowed her to engage with a prominent organization in the pharmaceutical sector, potentially fostering valuable connections and collaborations.

Notably, Jenn also had the opportunity of exploring The Lighthouse in Mountain View Ras El Hikma. This particular destination holds significance as Mountain View played a pioneering role in Egypt, collaborating with Jenn Lim and wholeheartedly embracing the concepts and principles of the Science of Happiness. Her dedication to promoting these principles through her articles and lectures worldwide is commendable and has resonated positively with various organizations, including Mountain View.

Jenn’s business journey was marked as an enriching experience, combining cultural heritage, professional engagements, and her passion for spreading happiness and positivity across the globe. 

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