Health Ministry deploys 2134 ambulances for Sham el-Nessim celebrations

Egypt’s Health Ministry said Saturday it has prepared a comprehensive medical strategy to provide health care for celebrators across the country during Sham el-Nessim, a spring holiday, on Monday.

Egyptians celebrate Sham el-Nessim, which is a national holiday, every year after Easter Sunday, during which people take to parks and streets and eat Fesikh (salted dried fish) and spring onions — bad Fesikh often leads to poisoning.

A statement from the ministry said that the plan includes deploying 2134 equipped ambulances to public gathering spots, parks, roads and major axes in all governorates. In addition to 10 river ambulances, two helicopters and a crisis cell will follow the incidents the day.

Health Minister Ahmed Emad explained that the medical plan includes readying all ambulance facilities, coordination between the Egyptian Ambulance Organization (EAO) and the therapeutic and urgent care sector of the ministry, to facilitate rapid medical intervention centers in the case of any event.

The spokesperson for the Health Ministry, Khaled Megahed, pointed out that the plan included coordination with centers for toxins in the governorates, raising the degree of readiness and providing medicines and supplies.

Megahed said coordination is in place between teaching hospitals and the Emergency Services Center to receive and transfer emergency cases. The hospitals have been provided with medicine, supplies, equipment and blood bags.

Edited Translation From Al-Masry Al-Youm

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