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In photos: Discover best 6 tourist attractions in Hurghada

“Welcome to the world of magic”.. Hurghada attracts thousands of tourists, Egyptians and foreigners daily, in hotels, tourist villages, and other places where visitors spend several hours in charming sites.

Giftun Island:

On the top of this list is Giftun Island reserve, you can reach it through a cruise. The island is about 11 kilometers from Hurghada beach. The cruise takes about seven hours, between swimming and the lunch on board of the boat.

The price of the trip ranges from 100 to LE250 depending on the program. The island of Giftun is characterized by soft sand and beautiful beaches. It also has more than 14 diving sites. The island is one of the most beautiful dive sites in Hurghada.

Hurghada Grand Aquarium:

Built on an area of about 22,000 meters, and is the third largest Grand Aquarium for marine simulation in the world.

The aquatic center presents a wide variety of marine organisms, including turtles, sharks and colored fish of all shapes and sizes, housed in an environment to suit each species. The Aquarium is the first of its kind in the Middle East and North Africa.

The project allows visitors to interact with and learn about the marine life of the Red Sea, home to more than 22 of the world’s largest aquariums. It includes a variety of fish from the Red Sea and a 22-meter glass window, which receives hundreds of tourists and Egyptians and school trips daily.

Sand City Museum:

It was made by about 42 artists from 17 countries and constructed over 7 months using about 12,500 meters of sand and 4,000 meters of water. It is the first and largest open museum of sand in the Middle East and Africa. The museum contains sculptures of the most prominent historical monuments in Egypt and the world, in addition to historical and mythical figures.

During the visit, there are performances, sound and light show, accompanied by a multi-lingual explanation of the contents and history of the sculptures. At the entrance to the museum you’ll find The Sphinx and the pyramids and several huge sand sculptures up to 10 meters high.

The museum contains several statues, including Yin and Yang, the Chinese god of good and evil, the statue of the legendary Bocca della Verità, the Roman goddess of lies, Napoleon Bonaparte and others.

Mini Egypt:

It is located near the Makadi Bay area, and stretches over three kilometers of land. This area provides a different experience for sightseeing and historical sightseeing in Egypt with miniature sized sculptures, compared to the traditional museum. The visit to Mini Egypt is a wonderful chance for tourists to learn about attractions and historical landmarks in the different governorates of Egypt in about two hours, which makes it easier for them to choose what cities they might want to travel to next. It is a wonderful picnic spot for parents or grandparents with children or environment for school students to learn.

Desert safari:

Safari trips to discover the desert of Hurghada and the Bedouin life. Desert safari tourism attracts thousands of tourists and Egyptians who want to enjoy the nature and wildlife of the mountains, sand, hills, valleys and experience Bedouin life.

Tourism statistics indicate that about one-third of visitors to the Red Sea go on desert safari trips in Hurghada, Safaga or Marsa Alam. The Red Sea desert has become a tourist attraction for adventure enthusiasts and safari lovers.

The safari fare per person ranges between LE100 and LE170, depending on service provided in each camp and according to the type of transportation, SUV or motorcycle.

Hurghada Marina:

It is located in the Sakkala area and is a destination for tourists in the evening as an entertainment hub that includes all the amenities and facilities. There are an array of places to find nightclubs, discos, cafeterias, restaurants, shopping areas, yachts and boats.

It is the most suitable place for hiking while still being home to cafés and restaurants that offer delicious food and drinks in front of panoramic views of the yachts in the Red Sea, and attracts many visitors looking for fun and relaxation.

Edited Translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm