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Inflation rate rose by 14.2% compared to 2012: official report

The Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics said the inflation rate in November rose by 0.9 percent compared to October, while the annual inflation rose by 14.2 percent compared to last year.
The agency said the inflation occurred because the prices of food, butane gas cylinders and housing services increased.
According to the agency's report, the prices of various services related to housing rose by 13.8 percent compared to October. The price of electricity, gas and other fuels increased by 14.9 percent.
The price of household equipment, carpets and furniture rose by 1.5 percent.
Fresh and frozen fish prices increased by 5.1 percent, and seafood by 6.2 percent.
Fruit prices rose 3 percent as lemon prices increased by 131.2 percent, and guava and pear by 13.7 percent.
The price of eggs increased by 2.1 percent, milk powder by 11.6 percent, and condiments and spices by 3.7 percent.
Vegetable prices rose by about 0.6 percent as tomatoes increased by 22.7 percent and green olives by 24.5 percent.
CAPMAS has also released statistics for inflation over the course of a year, showing vegetables prices increased by 34.5 percent as tomatoes rose by 63.6 percent and dry vegetables by 20.5 percent.
The price of fish and seafood rose by 27.6 percent.
The price of milk, cheese and eggs rose by about 23.4 percent compared to November 2012, while the prices of meat and poultry increased by 17.8 percent.
Coffee, tea and cocoa prices rose by 12.8 percent, while mineral water and juices rose by 23.2 percent.
The statistics showed a rise in the price of grains and bread by about 17.8 compared to last year, as rice increased by 25.5 percent and flour by 27.6 percent.
Health care prices rose by 10.3 percent due to the increase in medical equipment prices by 13.6 percent. Outpatient services increased by 10.9 percent.
Edited translation from MENA