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Islamic Jihad says committed to cease fire brokered by Egypt with Israel

The head of the political department of the Islamic Jihad Movement Mohammed al-Hindi affirmed the movement’s commitment to the cease-fire brokered by Egypt with Israel.

During a telephone interview with “AlQahera News” channel, Hindi said that “The cease-fire entered into force at ten o’clock (Cairo Time), and we are monitoring Israel’s commitment.”

“We are committed to this agreement, which Egypt sponsored and made strenuous efforts over the past days, and the enemy has learned a lesson and will abide by it.”

Hindi added that the Israeli occupation state wants to transgress the rights of the Palestinian people and does not recognize negotiations or any peace agreements, only seeking Palestine’s surrender.

He stressed, “We cannot surrender, regardless of the capabilities of the Israeli occupation compared to the Palestinian capabilities.”

We will defend ourselves, our rights, our sanctities, and the future of our children, and everyone who has seen the pictures, and videos that came out of Israel in the past two days knows that it is not the bogeyman who scares the region and rampages in it.”

“Israel has recognized things that it did not recognize in the past. This conflict is ongoing and long, and this is just one round. We made some gains from this round, as in every previous one.”

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