Israeli-Palestinian ceasefire talks begin under Egyptian auspices

Indirect talks between Palestine and Israel began under Egyptian auspices at the headquarters of the Egyptian intelligence service in an effort to reach a cease-fire agreement and a comprehensive and lasting peace in the Gaza Strip.
“We were told by the Egyptian side that the Israeli delegation arrived in Cairo and we will resume negotiations,” said Azzam Al-Ahmad, head of the Palestinian delegation in a statement. “The truce should produce a spirit of responsibility in the negotiations.” 
Officials said they hope the talks will create conditions for the flow of humanitarian aid and repairing infrastructure.
He called on the Israeli delegation not to procrastinate and to make use of every minute, especially that there are no new demands for the Palestinians.
“The Egyptian officials will relay our demands to the Israeli delegation and will mediate between us,” he explained.
Meanwhile, Hamas official Izzat al-Rishq said the demands are to end the siege imposed on Gaza as agreed upon in 2012. The measure would include opening the crossings and ensuring freedom of movement for people and goods.
Also, it will serve as a way to abolish all sanctions imposed by Israel against the Palestinian people in the West Bank after 12 June, including the release of those detained after that date and the immediate reconstruction of Gaza.
Edited translation from MENA

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