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La Clé revitalizes your home décor

“We turn your house into a home” is the slogan of La Clé, a furniture store newly opened in Maadi by married couple Amira al-Gamal and Ramy Moftah.

Integrating old with modern designs is the main theme dominating La Clé furniture. “Each piece has its own unique design and this is what distinguishes our products from others on the market," al-Gamal said. “We both originate our own models, bearing in mind to realize a practical designs with a sophisticated touch.”

The store also specializes in custom-made furniture, aiming to satisfy all clients’ tastes. If you have a specific design in mind, La Clé can professionally craft it within a short period of time in colors, fabrics and dimensions that fit your taste.

The high quality of the woods used is another unique advantage. “Furniture is not only about eye-catching designs — the materials used in manufacturing furniture are essential for producing an excellent quality of finish that make it durable enough for daily use,” Moftah pointed out.

Besides furnishing, you can also accessorize your home from an extensive collection of home accessories. “Using simple items such as cushions, painting, and mirror can renovate your home decor,” al-Gamal said.

Changing the furniture of a whole room is not affordable for everyone, so adding new accessories within your budget range not only gives a fresh new look to your home, but also makes a great impact on your mood. Helpful tips are given by al-Gamal to turn the look of your house upside down in an impressive way. “We advise our clients how to utilize empty spaces that make their home looks bigger and purchase the best furniture that goes with their house decorations,” she said.

Animal-shaped side tables are among the outstanding items at the store that can be matched with a superb wooden chair to create a special corner. The showroom is packed with a magnificent variety of Indian cushions with matching runners of different fabrics and ornamented with glimmering beads and golden plastic. However, if you tend to Arabic taste, there are others bearing symbols of Turkish, Palestinian, and Egyptian cultures such as kafha and ein (the traditional hand and eye to ward of the evil eye).

If you are thinking of decorating the walls in your home, you have a plenty of choices of paintings or mirrors to give character to a room. Floral patterns mixed with broken glass and oriental drawings are scattered around the frames of the local handmade mirror collection in La Clé.

Whether your home style is modern or classic, you will probably find what you are looking for. Om Kalthoum, Marliyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn are among affordable celebrities’ portraits. Italian contemporary paintings are also available at higher prices, but beautiful and worth paying for. A collection of oriental art paintings will be added soon to entice customers of different artistic tastes.

The showroom was officially opened at the beginning of this March, but Moftah had been fond of designing furniture for a long time. “After visiting the Far East, where there is huge collection of outstanding crafted furniture, we both got excited about starting our own business,” he said.

The couple studied for almost a year and visited many places to gain experience in the field and master the manufacturing process before initiating their project.

La Clé is efficiently capable of rejuvenating interiors with a chic touch. Attractive prices mean you could furnish your entire home for LE40,000.

La Clé Interiors
56 B Misr Helwan road
Badr plaza opposite Maadi Hotel

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