Labor activists show solidarity with comrades in asset freeze case

A group of labor rights' advocacy groups and activists have voiced solidarity with two liberal colleagues on whom judicial authorities imposed an asset freeze, based on charges of supporting Islamist extremism.
Haytham Mohamedein and Hesham Fouad, both activists from the Revolutionary Socialists' movement, were subject to an asset freeze order in January, side by side with dozens of Islamist political figures affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood who were allegedly involved in the instigation of violence and terror.
Thirteen labor rights' groups and more than 30 activists said Tuesday they were standing with the pair as the Administrative Court considers the challenges brought against the freezing of their assets.
A statement by the groups described judicial authorities’ accusations against Mohamedein and Fouad of supporting Islamists as “funny”. The groups also referred to the pair’s previous membership in Tamarod, the grassroots campaign that led protests in 2013, prompting the ouster of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohamed Morsi from presidency.
The statement said “workers would not be deceived by the investigators’ argument that supporting political Islam is not limited to its well-known figures”, arguing that workers are aware of the two activists' history in defending their rights. It revealed that, ironically, similar charges were posed against Christian workers at Santamora Egypt, a blankets manufacturer.
The groups said the asset freeze and accusations against Mohamedein and Fouad were part of a campaign to deny workers their civilian defenders.

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