Labor protests continue throughout Egypt

Workers of EgyptAir Ground Services Company on Wednesday went on a partial strike at Cairo Airport, serving only five flights per hour out of ten. They demand better salaries and bonuses.

Employees of the Urban Communities Authority, meanwhile, staged protests, demanding the dismissal of Housing Minister Fathy al-Baradei and other leaders they called corrupt.

Workers of the privatized General Company for Electrical Projects also staged protests, demanding that the ownership of the company return to the Ministry of Electricity.

Temporary teachers of Gamal Abdel Nasser experimental schools held demonstrations, demanding permanent contracts, and those at Sharm el-Sheikh Hospital demanded the same.

In Alexandria, employees of the Environment Control Authority demanded better salaries.
In Suez, workers of Misr-Iran Spinning and Weaving Company protested for better incentives, while in Damietta, residents protested for the removal of a petrochemical factory in the area.

In Daqahlia, workers at the Oil and Soap Company continued to strike for the third day in a row to demand better wages, while in Sharqiya, workers of the Mercedes Benz Company staged protests against increased working hours – by an hour and a half per day – to increase production.

Preachers in Beni Suef also staged protests for better salaries, while in Minya, residents of the Beni Gafez Village blocked the Cairo-Aswan highway after a villager was hit by a car.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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