MB-affiliated students clash with security on university campuses

Clashes erupted on a number of Egyptian university campuses on Tuesday between students affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) opposition group and campus security after the former announced the launch of a campaign in demand of political reform.

MB-affiliated students at Fayoum University were reportedly assaulted by security personnel, prompting them to stage angry demonstrations in which they condemned interference on campus by state security forces. Students alleged that one of their colleagues had been beaten by four security guards for refusing to submit to a body search.

MB-affiliated students at Cairo's Ain-Shams University also claimed that two of their colleagues had been assaulted by campus guards.

At Alexandria University, meanwhile, administrators warned that students associated with the group would be expelled for organizing events on campus without official permission.

At Mansoura University, some 500 MB-affiliated students staged a protest march against state-owned media, which they accused of "tarnishing" their image."

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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