MB calls on anti-military rule forces to unite, renounce disputes

The Muslim Brotherhood called on its official website to unite political forces and groups opposed to military rule and renounce political disputes in order to focus energy against the Supreme Council of Armed Forces.
"Those who sincerely love this dear homeland cannot possibly support those who have been involved in corruption, treachery, oppression, fascism and repression," read the statement.
The statement said that nobody can support the military rule after its crimes have been exposed to the whole world.
The Brotherhood called on its political opponents to unite and bring an end to the corrupt regime and renounce injustice.
"We ask our patriotic brothers who initially sided with the bloody military coup in good faith, is it not time for the honorable to wake up and come back to join the march on the democratic path?"
The group asked: "Is it not time for you, patriotic politicians and groups, to say it loud and clear, after the latest developments that exposed utter coup-regime corruption, that you are rejoining your revolution, and closing ranks with the honorable in liberty squares of the revolution, of freedom and dignity?
The Brotherhood stressed it is sincerely working for the benefit of Egypt, denying being involved in terrorist acts.
The group said thousands of group members have been brutally killed and injured, while tens of thousands were arrested.
"They do not seek revenge nor resort to violence, all to protect Egypt and its people from a disastrous fate like certain other countries."
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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