MB files law suit to cancel elections in Minya

The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) in Minya Governorate, Upper Egypt, have today filed a lawsuit calling for the cancellation of the parliamentary elections in five constituencies in which five MB candidates were competing.

The Brotherhood is asking for the elections to be canceled in the following constituencies: Bandar al-Minya, where MB candidate Saad al-Katatni is competing for the professionals seat; Bandar Malawi, where MB candidate Bahauddin Sayyed Attia is competing for the workers seat; Samalout, where MB candidate Abdel Rahim Mahmoud is competing for the professionals seat; Obu Kerkas, where MB candidate Mohamed al-Eili is competing for  the professionals seat; and al-Adwa, where MB candidate Mohamed Abdel-Azim is competing for the workers seat.

The Brotherhood's lawyer in Minya Abu Bakr Eid said the lawsuit comes after MB delegates were prevented from entering polling stations in al-Adwa and other constituencies, and authorities refused to grant delegates power of attorney documentation.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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