MB leaders spar over election results

A stormy meeting was held at the Muslim Brotherhood Guidance Bureau on Saturday, which brought together Hamed el-Dafrawi and Khaled Dawoud, both Brotherhood leaders from Alexandria, and Supreme Guide Mohamed Badie.

According to sources in the Guidance Bureau, el-Dafrawi and Dawoud met the Supreme Guide to submit a memorandum challenging the validity of recent Guidance Bureau elections. The sources added that, like senior member of the Alexandria chapter Ibrahim el-Zafarani, both believe that the elections were rigged.

Furious at the accusations, Badie accused his two visitors of leaking the group’s news to the media. Meanwhile, the Supreme Guide’s visitors complained they were being mistreated by other members of the group.

Badie told el-Dafrawi and Dawoud to submit their complaints to Bureau members Usama Nasr Eddin and Gomaa Amin. They replied that their complaints concerned Nasr Eddin and Amin. Still refusing to listen to their complaints, el-Dafrawi and Dawoud left saying the Supreme Guide did not receive them well.

While the Mulsim Brotherhood refused to comment on the incident, Dawoud confirmed that there had been a disagreement but refused to add any further details.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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