Mekky files complaint against corruption allegations

Justice Minister Ahmed Mekky filed a complaint Saturday demanding that former Wasat Party MP Essam Sultan be questioned over corruption allegations he made against the judiciary.

The complaint, filed with Prosecutor General Talaat Abdallah, demands that Sultan submit evidence in support of his allegations and that the Public Prosecution take action if Sultan had committed a crime.

Sultan had earlier held a press conference alongside several other political figures alleging that some judges had received bribes, including some with receipts. Sultan did not name any judge specifically, which Mekky said was the reason he filed the complaint.

Ibrahim Abdel Khaleq, head of the Justice Ministry’s technical office, said in a press statement that Sultan’s allegations, if true, would “undermine the confidence of the nation in the judiciary,” but if not, they would be unjust to those in question, as well as to the judiciary and the nation as a whole.

Edited translation from MENA

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