Military experts: Egyptians will not accept Islamist theocracy

The Egyptian people will not accept a state governed by religion, military officers claimed on Friday.

The officers attributed the absence of the armed forces in Tahrir Square to the nature of military personnel, who tend to work secretly and only take action when the time is right.

“Whatever the percentage of Islamist participants in the Tahrir demonstration, I do not think Egyptian people will accept an Islamist theocracy when the new government is formed,” said Major General Mohamed Gamal Eddin Mazloum.

Major General Ahmed Salah Abdel Halim warned, "Egypt is now in danger,” calling on the Egyptian people not to push for personal demands and to be “one hand” with the military, in order to pass safely through the transitional period.

He added that because of Egypt's internal and external risks, including sectarian strife and economic crisis, people have to be more rational and give their rulers a chance to run the country.

The participation of well-organized Islamist forces, as well as Wafd Party, have made the 29 July demonstration look much stronger than former ones, claimed Major General Mohamed Abdellatif Tolba.

Tolba noted that Islamists had stipulated before the demonstration that the political groups should not chant against the ruling military council, as it does not intend to clash with secular protesters, but rather preserve the unity of the Egyptian people.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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