Military intelligence building bombed in Rafah

Unknown assailants targeted a deserted building for the military intelligence in Sinai on Wednesday, causing a large explosion, although no one was injured.
Military Spokesperson Ahmed Mohamed Ali, said on Tuesday that the fighting groups affiliated to armed forces and central security are supported by air cover and that they resume their operations in Sinai to attack terrorists and arrest extremists and outlaws.
Elements affiliated to armed forces and police raided on Tuesday several places of terrorists in North Sinai. Huge amounts of weapons and ammunition were seized.
“Forty-nine huts, used for carrying out terrorist actions, were destroyed and burnt. Fourteen vehicles, 10 motorcycles without metal panels or documents, that terrorists had been using to carry out their operations against security in Sinai, were destroyed. Seven terrorists were arrested,” Ali added.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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