Mohamed Ramadan’s film makes highest profit during Eid holiday

The five films shown during the Eid holiday have generated LE25 million in profits, half of which were made by the film “Shad Agza” starring Mohamed Ramadan, followed by “Welad Rizk” by Ahmed Ezz, with LE6 million, “Hayati Mebahdela” by Mohamed Saad, with LE4 million, and “Sokkar Morr” by Ahmed al-Fishawy and “Nom al-Talat” by Hany Ramzy, with LE1 million each.
The Tahrir movie theater had replaced “Welad Risk” with “Shad Agza” during the second day of the holiday, but showed it again when the producers filed a complaint with the police, while other theaters showed “Nom al-Talat” and “Sokkar Morr” in smaller halls, leaving the main hall to “Shad Agza.”
Al-Sobky Productions, the producer of “Shad Agza,” produced five additional copies of the film to meet the large demand.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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