Morsy to visit Iraq soon, says ambassador

President Mohamed Morsy will visit Iraq soon to reaffirm the good relationship between the two countries, said Egyptian ambassador to Iraq Sherif Shaheen on Thursday.

The daily Iraqi newspaper Al-Sabah quoted Shaheen as saying that Morsy will undertake his visit after resolving urgent domestic affairs, but the ambassador did not specify a date.

The trip would come as part of a tour of the Arab region, Shaheen continued, stating that preliminary arrangements have already been made.

“Egypt is currently working to achieve safety and stability, and this should happen with the collaboration of all the Arab peoples, especially the people of Iraq. We look forward to working with Iraq in the coming period, as there are many points that the two nations can cooperate on,” said Shaheen.

The ambassador added that when Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zabari met with Morsy in Cairo last month, the president expressed his wish to visit Iraq at the earliest opportunity.

Shaheen was appointed as Egypt's ambassador to Iraq in June 2009, four years after diplomatic relations were suspended between the two countries. The former Egyptian ambassador in Baghdad, Ihab al-Sharif, was believed to have been assassinated there in July 2005 by Al-Qaeda.

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