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Moussa to talk Palestinian reconciliation during Gaza visit

Amr Moussa, secretary general for the Arab League, said the Palestinian reconciliation issue will be a top issue for discussion during his upcoming visit to Gaza.

“It’s a main issue. Everyone is asking why don’t we end this dispute. We call for an end to this state of disparity.”

On whether the Arab League will send any kind of aid to the Gaza Strip, Moussa said, “We’re thinking about it. Arab aid convoys will continue.”

“The situation in Gaza is unacceptable. We have rejected the blockade since it began. We demand it be lifted without delay,” the secretary general said, adding that it was time for the international community and Islamic Arab states must take a firm stand against the blockade.

Moussa yesterday received Palitha Kohona, head of the UN special committee investigating Israeli practices affecting Palestinian human rights in the occupied territories. He said the committee will submit a report to the UN General Assembly, along with, potentially, its own recommendations.

The Palestinian Fatah movement has said it welcomes Moussa’s visit to the Gaza Strip and urges the signing of the Egyptian drafted reconciliation agreement.

“Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas ordered an official delegation to be formed and dispatched to Gaza to achieve the reconciliation issue,” said Ahmed Assaf, official spokesperson for Fatah. He said Hamas had refused to receive the delegation, saying that it hasn’t been requested, despite the fact that Mouneeb el-Masry, head of the delegation, has contacted them many times.

Meanwhile Mostafa el-Barghouti, secretary general for the Palestinian National Initiative, commended the Egyptian decision to leave the Rafah border open for Palestinians.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.